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Application On Cloud

Application On Cloud

Independent software vendors are the important and crucial part of economy and business. They create unique applications and software’s which are widely used by business houses and every vertical and almost all the industries.

Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) enable organisations to focus on their core work and they create magic to generate user friendly systems, applications and report which gives what user need and at the same time what management wants. If customer wants the customisation that can be done as per their need.

DC10G is a state of art Datacenter and cloud service provider who provides Applications on cloud solution as a service using their DC10G RemotAPP. Working from the office is not necessary. We enable you to work from anywhere in absolutely secured environment.

You don’t need :
  • Physical Server
  • Firewalls
  • Backup Storage

DC10G enable you and your customer to have access to their application and let user work from remote locations. We will create the infrastructure with policy based secure remote access which will have multiple features. Our solution will support application i.e.

  • Tally
  • Busy
  • QuickBooks
  • HRMS
  • AIIM
  • ERP
  • Logistics
  • CRM
and many more



We will host the application at our certified Tier III Data Centres facality and you will have the access to your server which will be behind the secured walls of firewalls with encrypted scheduled backup. You or your user can access your server only through DC10G RemotAPP or any VPN services or RDP lics.

Highly Secured

DC10G uses DDoS protected Connectivity with Juniper Firewall for security with Encrypted Data Flow, Dedicated IP Addresses for every instance with encrypted data backup.

Endpoint Access

Accessing your own server is not a challenge any more. You may use Thin Clients, PC, Laptop with any Operating system i.e Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Android, iOS . It works perfectly with any device or any OS.


DC10G Cloud infrastructure is available with 99.95% uptime. You are free to use your application 24X7 with round the clock support incase you may need.


Growth is dynamic in nature. Business growth brings complexity and complexity require professionals to resolve. DC10G datacenter is equipment to increase the Users / Resources anytime. We provides managed servers & services round to clock. You focus on scaling your business we will scale your technical setup in a click of button.


DC10G provides scheduled and policy based backup which can ensure the recovery incase of any miss happening or need. It also protect you from ransomware attacks. If your server is infected we can restore the data and server at last scheduled backup time in minutes.

Universal Printing*

DC10G RemotAPP enable you to take printing as per your setup. Our application understand universal printer and doesn’t require to install printer. You can create Invoices, Ledgers, Balance sheet etc. and print it on your local printer which is connected to your PC in your office.


DC10G infrastructure is audited and it follows ISO 27001 process. We have taken precautionary measures to protect the unwanted access and multiple layers and services to protect the data and servers.

Commercial Flexibility

Our commercials plans are flexible and our solutions can be customised as per customer requirement which will be derived by no of users. We work on OPEX model and you can as per convenience which can me Monthly/Quarterly & Annual without any signup charges

24X7 Support

DC10G believes in services. We work round the clock and support our customers 24X7 .