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DC10G SecureAPP

DC10G SecureAPP

In the 21st century organisations are decentralizing. They are encouraging their employees to work from home or remote offices or remote locations. It gives them freedom of work and organizations get the maximum reach and productivity at a low cost. Flexibilities carry risks. While accessing the servers their services may get infected with viruses, Malware and most importantly Ransomware. Login data is vulnerable. Only strong passwords are not the solution to get security anymore.

DC10G SecureAPP is an extremely intelligent solution. With the help of this tool and its features, the technical team can get a secure Remote Desktop Access without any hassles to the user.

Features & Benefits

DC10G SecureAPP administers various types of safety and security; System administrator can control organizational remote servers, their policies and get absolute secure access to protect their data from external sources

Ransomware Security

Cybercrime is increasing, Hackers understand that Data is the new currency that is why Ransomware is rapidly increasing as a cyber-threat. Attackers encrypt the data, paying a ransom does not guarantee to get back your data, the best way is to stop them. DC10G SecureApp detects the attack, blocks it instantly and secures the data. It also provides the infected files back & prevents attack sources for future protection.

Own-home Security

Using country based whitelisting, Own-home Security lets administrators quickly and easily restrict incoming connections from the countries where businesses don't need access from. It prevents foreign IPs / attackers from targeting remote sessions to your server.

Brute-Force Protector

Brute-Force Protector stops the attacks which try to get weak user names and passwords. Such attacks generate multiple sessions using the current login and password dictionaries. Not only this is dangerous for your server's security, but it can consume a lot of its resources (CPU and bandwidth).

Working Hours Regulation

Giving permissions for accessing the server is a business need, But to whom and for what duration is also important. DC10g SecureAPP administrates the days, timing and duration of work to restrict time-bound access.


Dc10g SecureAPP permission dashboard displays the list of users, groups, available files and folders. This makes it extremely convenient to review and edit authorities for one user at one point in time, increasing the certainty of regulations.

Secure Computing

Secure Computing offers an easy slider interface to select policies for users or groups. Every level of security has been conscientiously designed as per the industry's best practices & standards.

End-Point Safeguard

Endpoint safeguard has a simple mechanism to keep servers protected. If a user's credentials are compromised, still, it is safe because End-point Safeguard designates the user's account with a specific device only. Hackers can't log in even if they hack the credentials.

Global IP Management

This means that all identified IPs by Own Home and Brute Force protectors are centralized here to check, edit, add or remove at your convenience. IP address lists are searchable, making address management easy.

Why Services from us

Carrier Neutral

  • State-of-the-art Datacenter facilities uses multiple Internet service providers with DDOS Protected Connectivity Ensuring full network redundancy resulting in high network availability

Dedicated Customer Management

  • Dedicated Sales Account Manager (AM) and Technical Account Manager (TAM)
  • Support escalation plan in case of emergency

Tier III Data center Facility

  • Datacenter Facility is certified with Tier – III standard & Disaster recovery services,
  • We guarantee 99.99% Network, service uptime SLA.

International Clientele

  • Dedicated Sales Account Manager (AM) and Technical Account Manager (TAM)
  • Support escalation plan in case of emergency

Competitive Pricing

  • Flexible, lower and competitive commercials as compared to industry competition with no compromise of service quality.
  • We provide choices in payment through independent customer portal

Mitigated Risk &

Built on Industry Standard

  • Business continuity and high availability through redundant, Scalable & Impeccable infrastructure Built on industry standard hardware, software and security to provide best of the performance for customer business application

24x7 Support

  • 24X7 Round-the-clock enterprise technical support to serve our clients
  • Personalised customer contact (TAM) in case of emergency so that customer internal technical staff can focus on core business function

N+1 Cloud infrastructure

  • Our N+1 Cloud infrastructure have surplus/backup for power supply, network, load balancers and multiple HVAC systems, essential for business continuity.
  • We also maintain the N+1 model to provide 24X7 technical support to our customer